The Code

The Code of Conduct (The Code) is the document agreed by the members of the RCG, which seeks to clarify the scope and conduct of the role of executive remuneration consultants when advising UK listed companies.

The Code recognises the necessary contribution to the area of executive remuneration played by advisers. It sets out the standards of the information that consultants should provide their clients and forms the basis for contractual terms.  Remuneration consultants advise clients.  They do not make decisions on their client's remuneration. 

Remuneration Committees may choose to use advisers in a variety of ways (or even use multiple advisers), not every aspect of The Code may be relevant in each engagement. The Code provides a useful framework for all client relationships.  Remuneration Committees retain responsibility for appointing their own advisers and have processes in place for receiving impartial advice on those subject areas upon which they choose to seek advice and ultimately make decisions. It also sets out the professional standards by which members must behave.

The Code was first published in 2009, first  reviewed in 2011 and reviewed and revised in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2020 and 2023.

For printable copies of the current Code of Conduct please go to Downloads.